Joe Belluzzo Shoe Bank

shoe bank

Joe was best known as the father of Santa Rosa youth soccer. In 1965 he signed up 33 boys to create the beginning of the Santa Rosa Youth Soccer movement. This led to the formation of the Santa Rosa Youth Soccer League in 1969. His passion, determination, and leadership allowed for the rapid advancement of the sport. He would do all that he could to help young people play the game, including running a shoe bank until he was 88 years old. One of his greatest loves, until just before his death, was watching soccer and sharing his love for the game. Joe Belluzzo was a special person who shared his love with his family, community, and friends.

Housed at FC Soccer in Santa Rosa, used outdoor soccer cleats are available to youth in need at no cost. Where possible, we ask that players bring in a used but good condition pair of cleats to trade up for a new size. The shoe bank runs on donated cleats from the community. Donated shoes are welcome always.

Donated shoes are welcome at all times. We have size 10 youth through size 8 adult.

Shoe Bank Location:
FC Soccer in Santa Rosa, 707-528-8598.