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The Goals Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) youth sports and development organization. We are proud to provide programs that foster positive self-esteem and establish early interest and engagement in sports, health and fitness, education and community service.

Our mission is to help create character, confidence, integrity, motivation, desire and belief in our youth by exposing them to the atmosphere and camaraderie of sports and fitness, regardless of limited physical, mental or financial abilities so they may reach their life potential.

Our vision is to build a better community by delivering inclusive sports, health, and social programs that encourage and empower our youth and their families to engage and participate, as well as to partner with other youth serving organizations to provide a platform for the successful engagement of programs that serve at-risk, under served and kids with special needs.

Meet Our Founders

Andrew Rowley
President and Founder
Monica Flores Rowley
Executive Director and Co-Founder

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